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Our Pre-Schools

Our Pre-Schools ... What Makes us unique?

Ensuring school readiness and a smooth transition

Daisy & Jake offers excellent resources, facilities and activities designed specifically to inspire the children to initiate their own learning and encourage independence in readiness for school life.

Our Pre-School children enjoy:

  • Timetabled activities—introducing children to the structured routine that they willexperience in Primary School
  • A nursery uniform  - emphasising the children’s status within the nursery, instilling a sense of responsibility and building confidence and self  esteem.
  • One to one meetings with their new Primary School teacher— by forging strong links with our local feeder schools, we are able to build up relationships between our Pre-School children and their new teachers prior  to them starting their Primary School.


Offering a curriculum based education in a nurturing  setting

Daisy & Jake like to offer the ‘best of both worlds’ with regards to a Pre-School education. Not only do we ensure the   implementation of the Early Years Foundations Stage, a statutory framework that underpins a child’s learning and development experience and ensures they make excellent progress in relation to their primary school starting points; but also—thanks to our purpose built premises, unrivalled outdoor facilities and holistic   approach, we ensure that strong emphasis is placed on nature and the great outdoors. Whilst readying our children’s minds, self-esteem and confidence for school life, we provide the invaluable    opportunity of first hand experiences, imaginary play and outdoor adventures such as bug hunting, splashing in puddles and muddy kitchen—hands on, sensual experiences that are so much fun!

Our Pre-School Activities

Our free, timetabled Pre-School activities offer a rich variety of learning experiences

  • Move to the Groove  - A fun, high energy activity set to music that encourages children to be active and interactive whilst developing their   control and coordination.
  • Sign & Rhyme -  helps to develop children’s early communication and language skills whilst enhancing brain activity and function.
  • Stretch & Reflect— these sessions pay attention to breathing techniques and mindfulness in order to focus on the here and now resulting in improved behaviour, attitude and focus.
  • Forest School—a series of outdoor learning sessions offering hands on learning experiences with nature, physical and mental challenges and  decision making situations.
  • Spanish Club— introducing children to the first stages of a foreign language at an age when they soak it up naturally and effortlessly, instilling a positive  attitude towards learning a foreign language and an interest and awareness of other cultures.
  • Daily phonic sessions—giving children a head start in becoming effective and confident readers through play-based multisensory activities.