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Our Nurseries


Each of our nurseries have been purpose built and designed to offer the highest standard of childcare facilities in a safe, exciting, fun and stimulating environment.

Our Environment

Our welcoming Baby Units have delightful sensory areas with 'Peep' windows into other rooms, whilst the older children benefit from spacious areas where they have continuous access to areas such as craft workstations and interactive whiteboards.

Internally, colours play an important part with calming lilacs and greens selected for the baby room, whereas brighter, stimulating colours are used in remaining rooms.

Our emphasis on outdoor play ensures children grow learning to appreciate nature and the outdoors, encouraging children to explore, learn and discover, to become more adventurous, self- motivated and able to understand and assess risks. Learning to plant organic vegetables and flowers and experiencing natures change in seasons is typical of our activities which are planned outside in our secure play areas.


We operate CCTV within each nursery room often parents will ask us how their child interacts with others and this provides a great opportunity for us to share experiences with them. Parents may view CCTV footage at any time.

Parent Partnership

We ensure parents have the opportunity to review their child's progress on a regular basis. For children under two we produce daily records containing information about your child's day, meals eaten, nappy changing and toileting, sleeping and rest times -  a general picture of their wellbeing throughout their time at nursery.

Daily handover of children both morning and evening is also used as an opportunity to share information. We also inform parents of our topics and planned activities through a regular newsletter whilst regular development meetings are held where you can view your child's “learning Journey Book”

We offer free pre-school places to all children above the age of three.

Meals and Nutrition

We’re committed to serving fresh, wholesome foods that creates good health and active minds, encouraging independence during mealtimes, with older children helping to serve themselves.

A whole day of Nursery meals contain at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables, and special diets such as dairy free, gluten free and vegetarian are catered for.

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